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Meet the Team of Charleston OBGYN Professionals

If you thought the days of finding a doctor who really cared about you were long gone, welcome to the world of Dr. William Dennis, OB/GYN, where old-time values meets modern technology. Our Charleston OB/GYN practice is located in St. Francis Hospital, so we have easy access to top-of-the-line equipment plus access to all Roper St. Francis Hospital physician records through our Electronic Health Record.

About Our Practice

Dr. Dennis and our staff know each of our patients and their medical histories well. When you make an appointment here, you have the confidence in knowing that it is Dr. Dennis who will see you, not an associate. He is the only physician in the office, and he does not share his cases with other physicians.

Our personal approach has built a loyal base of patients. Even those who moved out of the area make annual trips to Charleston for their gynecological care. Many of our patients formerly were under the care of Dr. Dennis' father, who was also an OB/GYN.

Have a critical issue that can't wait until your next appointment? Give us a call. We maintain our schedule to allow for emergencies, so we don't keep our other patients waiting.

Have no insurance? We offer a significant discount if you self-pay. We also accept most forms of insurance, but we encourage you to research your benefits so you know what's covered.

Dedicated Staff | OBGYN Doctors in Charleston

Dr. Dennis grew up in the Low Country and returned here about 10 years ago after practicing and teaching Obstetrics and Gynecology in Columbia, SC. He staffs his office with people who share his approach to patient care.

When you call our Charleston OB/GYN office, the first voice you hear will be that of Samantha, Dr. Dennis' medical assistant, or Teri, our office manager. They will schedule appointments for you and are up-to-date on your yearly exams, mammograms, and prescriptions.

Samantha, born and raised in Charleston, is young, bright, and bubbly. She assists Dr. Dennis with office procedures, takes blood, and handles other aspects of patient care with a smile and a friendly attitude. She adds spark to our office.

Teri schedules patients and handles insurance company billing. Though she doesn't have a medical background, she knows firsthand what it's like to have Dr. Dennis as your OB/GYN; he has been her doctor for 10 years and delivered two of her three children.

Looking for an OB/GYN doctor in Charleston, SC? If you have questions or would like to experience our caring approach to patient care for yourself, please give us a call at (843) 571–3862.